happy birthday, dad!

6:30 AM

Dear dad,

I'm sorry I was always such a brat going up.  I'm sorry I rolled my eyes every time you said that you trusted me, but not other people and all of that other teenage stuff.  I'm sorry I had to use the bathroom as soon as we got to the woods that one time you took me hunting.  I'm sorry I laughed so hard when you were a pickle during Hedbanz.  I'm sorry I cried so hard when I wanted the moon that you literally could not give me, even though you would if it were possible.  I'm sorry I showed the girls YouTube videos like Charlie the Unicorn and Harry Potter Puppet Pals... I really thought they would grow out of it eventually.  I'm sorry I nearly gave mom a heart attack when I brought a nearly-dead mouse in the house because I thought it was a kitty. I'm sorry that I'm still angry at you for that one time you ate my sandwich in middle school.  I'm sorry you're officially as old as mom...
I'm sorry I'm not there to celebrate your birthday with you, but I am so excited that I will be there tomorrow to celebrate your birthday and Alicen's graduation.  I'm so glad that you and mom were here for my graduation, and everything you've done for me.  Happy birthday, dad!

Samantha | The Life You Love
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