u by kotex ultra thin pads

12:00 AM

I like feeling comfortable and confident.  There's a certain time of the month when this is harder than it normally is, but I can't let that get in my way.  When I go on mini vacations to the beach to stay with Paul and his family, I don't want anything to ruin how comfortable and relaxed I am.  Being on my birth control means my cycle isn't always the same, so I always need to be prepared whether it's morning or night.  When I need to use pads, I always look for something that's super thin yet still reliable.  At the risk of sounding like a cliche commercial, I absolutely trust U by Kotex.  I have never used such comfortable and dependable feminine products, nor have I ever seen any that are so cute!  I actually discovered U by Kotex through their free samples page, which is why I'm excited to share that opportunity with you.
Get your free U by Kotex samples today so you can be an #UnderWarrior with me, and we can #SaveTheUndies.

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