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Ready for some venting and a story about learning your lesson the hard way?  Good, sit down.

A few days ago my future roommate asked me if I minded living with another person.  It was one of those friend of a friend situations, and this girl needed some roommates in Durham.  Perfect timing, right?  Of course I didn't mind.  It would make our rent cheaper and it would be doing someone a favor.  She had been looking at apartments in the area and made a couple suggestions, so we applied to one that she had been looking at.

Please keep in mind that my roommate and I were going to live in a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhouse before we were trying to incorporate this girl.

After she picked out this apartment, suggested we go ahead and apply online, and didn't send me the money after she said she would, I began to feel a little suspicious.  My roommate and I had been texting this girl for a couple days without response, so my roommate messaged her on Facebook to confirm what we had all thought: she randomly decided she didn't want to live with us and she wasn't going to pay her portion of the application fee.

I was livid.
She picked the apartment.  We wanted to live elsewhere before we had to accommodate three people.
She suggested we apply for the lease online.
She filled out part of the application.
I told her and my roommate I wouldn't pay the $200.00 application fee until they paid. My roommate sent the check and the girl said she was going to send money over PayPal that night.
I told her that we could adjust the apartment contract before we signed anything because an application is not an official lease.
She mentioned again that she would pay me for her share of the application fee.
She refused to talk to my roommate and me about the situation.
And she doesn't understand why she should pay it and she refuses to talk to us or pay it.

She made me feel like a fool for trusting that she would pay me when she said she would. She made my roommate feel bad for asking if she could live with us. And I'm sure my roommate's friend who asked if we would want to live with her is going to feel bad about the situation too.  Not that either of them should.  This girl is her own person and she's old enough to take responsibility.  I learned the hard way that you cannot trust anyone and you shouldn't pay for anything until you already have the money. Whatever. I believe in karma.

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