unanswered questions after oitnb season 3

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Anyone else obsessed with OITNB?  I didn't watch any of it until season 2 came out, because by that time one of my best friends and my employer told me that it's an absolutely amazing show.  I admit that this has been my favorite season yet, and I'm sure it will only get better.  This season made the characters and some of their situations seem more relatable than ever.  I think that's why I enjoyed it so much.  I still have a ton of unanswered questions, though.  Anyone else have any questions?
- Okay, so what happened to Alex?  Did she die?  I need to know whether or not she's dead.  K, thanks.

- Why is Chapman such a bee-yotch?

- Does she realize that she is not that intimidating?  Especially compared to the other people in prison.

- Seriously, how are people attracted to her?  She's awful.

- Does her self-designed prison tat get infected?  Does karma exist in prison?

- So is everyone done with the Norma worship?  It got a little weird with the toast.

- Please tell me that donut guy isn't going to continue to be the worst human being ever.

- Is Sophia coming back?  Because I miss her and I don't want her to go insane in the SHU.

- And what about Nicky?!  She just disappeared and Morello replaced her BFF with a hubby she  barely knows.
- How long will that relationship last?

- How did Pennsatucky become so much more likable this season?

- What the hell is going to happen to Daya's baby?

- And where in the world is the actual baby daddy?!?!

- Are we going to see more of Porn Stache next season?

- What about Stella?  Everyone wants to get to know Stella's character.

- What's going to happen with Kaputo and his new position?

- There is a new season, right?

- Why can't Netflix release a new season every six months?

- Why don't I have enough self-control to watch a season in more than a couple of days?

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