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People who read my blog may know that I live 12 hours or 783 miles away from my parents and sisters.  It's been hard, especially since my family and I spent most of my life living in North Carolina.  We used to go to the mountains, the zoo, on geocaching trips, hiking, and to the beach together.  This is the state that has a little bit of everything and we're the kind of family that likes to take advantage of that.

Paul and his family have been absolutely amazing to me since I started dating him, and they have offered me a home with them at the beach.  Not only do I love spending time with them and making new memories, but I also love the memories that a warm summer day on the beach can bring me.  Thinking about the times I went to the beach with my family at Camp Legeune or spent a week at a time in the Outer Banks makes me nostalgic.  Spending the evenings on Paul's family's porch makes me feel thankful.

I think that may be why I love sea salt and other ocean scents so much.  I can't get enough of it.  In fact, if anyone knows of a beachy perfume then let me know because I really want to get a nice perfume!  I use sea salt hair products all the time, just to get that ocean scent.  Lately I've been using Dead Sea Salt Scrub.  The ocean breeze scent reminds me of home.  You can use it as a shower or bath scrub, or use it on your hands and feet.  When I'm stressed out or having a bad day, I use this scrub to pamper myself and remind myself about how wonderful my families and homes are.

Thank you to BrandBacker and Adovia for inspiring today's post.

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