how is my sister already in college?

8:30 AM

Every now and then, we all have those "where did time go?" thoughts.  Well, this is one of those times for me.  My younger sister, Alicen, is starting school at Illinois State University tomorrow.  This is actually the same school that my dad works at as a professor of military science, just a few blocks away from where my family lives.  Alicen wants to be a high school history teacher after college, and she's is an extremely intelligent and dedicated student.  I can't believe she's actually old enough to be going to college already, and I have such mixed feelings about it.  Of course I'm nervous and proud and excited and nostalgic and jealous.  College is such an incredible opportunity for any student, especially one who is eager to learn and give back to the community in any way.  For Alicen, that way is teaching.  Good luck, Ali Cat!
left to right: emily, karalin, mom, alicen
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