one of "those days"

10:50 AM

There will be days when it takes everything in you to leave your bed in the morning.  Then there will be days when you physically cannot make yourself get out of bed, no matter how long you've been laying there.  There will be days when you jump out of the sheets ready for the day.  There are days when you have the appetite of an entire starved Army of men, and there will be days when you feel like you can't eat anything.  There are moments of insanity just as quickly and often as there are moments of clarity.  There are days when the world and you seem perfectly fine.  There are also days when nothing seems to be right.

There will always be "those days."

The days when you wonder why something is happening to you.  When you try to figure out what you did to deserve what's happening.  The days when you want to scream out that what's happening to you isn't fair, even though you know that nothing in life ever is.  The days when you are just happy to be alive, and the moments when even that does not feel like enough.  The days when you ask yourself if you're worth it, if you're strong enough, if you care enough.  The days when you ask yourself what you're fighting for.  The days when you feel hopeless even though just moments ago you were hopelessly optimistic.  There are days when you wonder if anyone cares, and days when you remember that you are surrounded by people who love you even when it doesn't feel like they do.

I can't possibly explain every type of feeling or day that people have.

The thing about these bad days is that once they're over, they're gone.  And there's a new one.  Sure, it might feel exactly like the day before it, but it is entirely new.  You have to learn to live life one day at a time.  Eventually, one of those days will be good again... and it is always worth it to stick through.  Even during one of those days, I understand and truly believe that life is always worth living and that everything happens for a reason.

Samantha | The Life You Love
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