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I decided to spend Veteran's day doing what all good Americans do... drink Starbucks and go shopping.  I cannot believe the holiday sales that stores are already having!  Seriously, everyone I turned there was a "buy this, get this" or "holy crap look at this percent off we're offering" kind of sign.  They weren't exactly like that, but they might as well have been.  So I'm not kidding when I say that this post is entirely dedicated to convincing you to buy some holiday candles from Bath and Body Works.  My two favorite scents: Tis the Season and Evergreen.  Tis the Season has a light fruity scent, kind of like a mild cranberry, and Evergreen is a traditional pine scent, but it isn't overpowering.  Oh, and their 3-wick jar candles are currently 2 for $24.  Just saying.
My roommate and I have started decorating a little bit, so I put up my gold tinsel tree and threw some warm winter sheets on my bed.  There will be more to come, but it is only November, ya know.  Look for more winter and holiday decoration posts throughout the season, and I'll be watching for yours too.

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