if the macy's parade was inspired by bloggers

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The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is an absolute classic, and the kind of tradition that will stick for years to come.  Maybe, just maybe, bloggers will one day be able to plan the event from the balloons to the parade floats to the performances.  Basically, it would be a parade full of creativity and inspiration.  Who wouldn't love that?!  This is how I envision it, and personally, I'm totally loving it:
Everything would be planned and scheduled by HootSuite, of course.

It would start with a holiday classic: the red cup.  Huge, inflatable red cup, followed by commentary on why people should or shouldn't be offended by a disposable cup.

A parade float with a big hand and a bunch of random office supplies in the background...

...followed by a parade float of a stack of blanket scarves that everyone needs because they're literally the perfect winter accessory.

The next inflatable?  Totally a planner.  Not just any planner, but the best planner.  Look, it even has a thing written in it!

Instead of performances, there would be quick webinars about using MailChimp and getting more followers on Instagram.

Up next, a float with dogs with adorable props or costumes.  Reindeer ears? Sweaters? Not even the sky is the limit for these adorable pups.

If you've enjoyed the parade so far, you're sure to enjoy the next float from our sponsor, Rocksbox.  Sign up for a free month!

A float full of Pinterest-inspired holiday home decor.

Marching next to the floats and balloons are bloggers in their best Thanksgiving-inspired outfits.  Don't worry, there will be over-the-knee boots and fur vests.

An inflatable purse passes by, accompanied by smaller balloons of what's in that purse: At least a dozen pens.  Something that doesn't normally go in a purse.  An item from our sponsor.

Wine.  In balloon form and float form.  There's just lots of wine, okay?!

A MacBook inflatable passes by, quickly followed by an iPad and an iPhone.

Spread throughout the parade will be balloons of the social media logos: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other place we can share our posts on.

The Target logo makes an appearance, too, because 99% of the time Target has something that's worth posting about on social media.

Of course, the parade would still end with Santa because we're all suckers for holiday traditions.

What else would be in the parade if bloggers planned it?  Do you watch the parade?

Samantha | The Life You Love
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