thoughts about the holiday season

7:00 AM

I've been listening to Christmas music since November 1st.  I wish I was kidding or exaggerating, but I'm not.  It's extremely calming and positive, and it works wonders for anxious thoughts.

Really, the best part of October-December is the candles that you get to burn.  I mean, have you smelled the Bath and Body Works candles?!

I think credit card debt during November-February should be counted positively because really you're just spending the money to buy gifts for people and travel to see them.  That makes you a good person.

Every year I want a super sparkly dress for Christmas and New Year's Eve.  And then I think, what the hell will I do with a sparkly dress the rest of the year?

I get unreasonably excited about wrapping presents.  Five minutes into wrapping them, I have tape stuck in my hair, paper cuts between my fingers, and I quit because wrapping presents is not as fun as I thought I remembered it being.

Every time I drink a peppermint mocha from Starbucks, I feel the need to exclaim that it tastes just like Christmas would taste like.

I get all nostalgic about past Christmases each year, even though I can actually never remember the Christmas before. Except sometimes I can remember what we ate for breakfast, and I can "remember" some things that we must have done since we do it every year...

Christmas cookies just taste better than regular cookies.  It's a fact.  Actually, Christmas anything tastes better than plain versions.

I actually like all of the cheesy, commercial parts of Christmas.  How exciting is it for a kid to meet Santa, even if it's at the mall?  And how can you not be impressed by a huge tree covered in shiny lights?!

I still can't sleep on Christmas Eve.  I'll probably never grow out of that.

No, it isn't the holiday season until I see pictures of red cups and blurry Christmas lights.  It feels even better if I also post them.

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