5 Month Pupdate

4:31 PM

Bodie has grown up SO much since we brought him home, and his personality gets stronger each day.  He's pretty smart, which has been good and bad so far.  He knows several tricks like sit, stay, roll over, spin, and shake, but he also knows that we trade-up when he has something he isn't supposed to have.  So he puts something in his mouth and pretends he's going to eat it until I give him a treat...  He's getting cuddlier each day, too!  Sometimes he'll lay right on my chest while we're laying in bed, and will fall asleep right there.

He's been living with Paul at Ocean Isle Beach for a few days, and he has loved it!  He gets to go on lots of walks to the waterway and Paul has been introducing him to swimming.  He isn't sure how to feel about it, but he definitely knows that he doesn't like the wake.  Every time a wave crashes, he barks.  And every time he touches the water, he gets the zoomies.

He has had a couple play dates, including a visit to doggy daycare and an overnight stay at boarding.  He is shy when he first meets other dogs, but he warms up to them quickly and wants to play for hours!  I keep telling Paul that Bodie needs a live-in friend, but I don't think Paul is convinced.

He's had a few tantrums lately and he's acting like quite the adolescent puppy, but overall he is an absolute sweetheart and we couldn't have gotten a better puppy!  We can't wait to move to Wilmington with him since they have plenty of dog-friendly parks and trails, and we'll hopefully be in a house with a fenced-in backyard.

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