Beef Up Your Summer with Pupperoni

4:25 PM

When we first got Bodie, he hated being in the car. He would cry almost the entire time, try to crawl up front, and he got sick a time or two. Fast forward to 6 month old Bodie, and he tries to get into the car every time he walks by it. What changed? Bodie loves taking trips now, whether it's just to the neighborhood pier to the beach or to a pet store. Good thing, because he's about to take a trip to Tennessee pretty soon! We're preparing home by lots of training including sit, stay, and loose leash walking. We're also trying to teach him to love his new kennel.

How are we doing all of this? With Pup-Peroni. I didn't know my dog loved anything more than peanut butter, but he goes nuts when he sees the Pup-Peroni bag. It's become my secret weapon for training, and one of my essentials for taking Bodie anywhere. Here is a list of my top travel essentials for going anywhere with a puppy.

Travel kennel: Bodie actually uses a harness and seat belt in the car, but his kennel is too heavy and large for travel even when it's folded up. We got him a mesh travel kennel and trained him to love it by giving him pieces of Pupperonis every time he went in by himself.

Collapasable bowls: These are so convenient. They fold nearly flat and they're flexible, making them perfect for packing. We can just pop them out for a quick drink of water during a pit stop.

Elk antler: You need something that will not only keep them occupied, but keep them from choking too.

Pup-Peroni: Brcause every dog goes crazy for it. I love that I can break off pieces to use it for training or rewarding Bodie for doing something good. Not gonna lie, it actually smells really good. Bodie loved both the original flavor and prime rib flavor.

A car seat cover: Get a waterproof, machine washable one. You'll thank me later.

How will you Beef Up Your Summer? If you take the Beef Up Your Summer Quiz, you will be entered to win a box of toys and treats worth $300, and a year's supply of Pup-Peroni!  Bodie and I took the quiz and he got the Luxury Lapdog.  This pup is spoiled, so I would say it's true!

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