Natural Balance Delectable Delights

4:21 PM

Anyone who loves or has ever owned a dog can tell you how truly special they are.  I've always loved animals, and dogs have always been part of my family.  When Paul and I met Bodie, we knew he would be coming home with us and we knew he was going to be a special part of our little family.

A few weeks ago, Bodie showed me how genuinely sweet and caring dogs can be. There was an ambulance at the apartment building next to mine and Bodie was going crazy. He kept crying and pulling me towards the ambulance and I resisted until I realized what he was doing. He was pulling me towards the kids who were huddling around their father while watching their mommy go through countless tests in the back of an ambulance.

Bodie stood there for as long as possible and let the kids pet and hug him as much as they wanted. When I led him to the house he whined and pulled me back to the kids. When they got in their car to follow their mom to hospital, Bodie tried to climb in even though he hated cars around this time.

I was amazed by his natural inclination towards comforting those kids and I'm constantly reminded of how wonderful he is. That's why I spoil him. I spoil him in every way possible including with Natural Balance Delectable Delights. It has real meat and vegetables, which means real nutrition, and Bodie loves the taste! Even for a big dog, we can use it as an addition to his dinner. For small dogs, you can use it as a meal.

Go to the Facebook page to learn more about Natural Balance Delectable Delights wet cups to see if it's a good choice for you and your pup! Even better, go to your nearest pet store and actually try it out! With flavors including duck, chicken, and fish, I'm sure you'll find something they love. Visit their Instagram page to get your daily dose of cute pet pics!

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