6 Reasons I Love LuLaRoe

4:18 PM

If you haven't heard of LuLaRoe, you're missing out and your wallet thanks you for that. I made my first LuLaRoe purchase just a couple months ago and now I have 4 shirts, 4 dresses, and 12 pairs of leggings... Don't you dare judge me, they're softer than puppy ears!  LuLaRoe is an independent sales company that specializes in modest, comfortable, and gorgeous women's and children's clothing.  They do have a couple of unisex or male styles, but they mostly focus on women's clothing.  Consultants typically sell their inventory on Facebook, Periscope or live via Facebook, or in your home.  Here are the top six reasons I love this company!

  1. Women of every shape and size look amazing in them! Seriously, just look at their Instagram page and see for yourself!
  2. They make people feel confident. Women who hate buying clothes or never shop for themselves have fallen in love with how beautiful and confident LuLaRoe makes them feel. I cannot stress enough how important I think it is to feel confident with yourself in any way that you can!
  3. The consultants benefit from selling the products. It has been changing lives!  From helping one family pay their bills and get out of debt to paying another family's medical expenses to just funding some extra fun here and there, each consultant has a unique story.
  4. You will feel not only beautiful but also comfortable! Everything I've bought has been incredibly comfortable. Whether the clothes are soft as your favorite blanket or light and breezy, they always feel as great as they look.
  5. They have something that is appropriate for any occasion. I've worn a Carly out to dinner, leggings and a Perfect T to work, a Nicole to do errands, and I've always felt like I was perfectly dressed. They sell Amelia's as well, which would be perfect for church, work, or even a wedding,
  6. Their clothing is unique. In fact, there are only so many pieces made from each fabric and not every consultant receives the same pieces.  If you see something you like, grab it because you may not see it again!
Left and Center: Carly Dresses

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