Just A Casual Weekend

4:11 PM

I used to blog about my weekends a lot. And then I stopped because I read somewhere that nobody wants to read weekend recaps. Admittedly, these comments about what you should versus shouldn't blog about is what caused me to stop blogging regularly anyways.  Well, I actually started reading lifestyle blogs because I liked seeing how other people live. Is that creepy? Maybe. Nosy? Definitely. This way of documenting life and sharing it with others was what inspired me to blog, though, so I've decided to start blogging even my casual and somewhat "boring" weekends.

Paul and I have decided that Friday's are our nights for dinner out. We're using it as our excuse to get to know Wilmington, but also because we just don't want to cook by the end of the week. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse, which is absolutely not a local restaurant, but delicious nonetheless. If you go, try their white peach iced tea and their Wild West shrimp. Both are DELICIOUS! After dinner, we walked around some shops to work off the food and stop by Bath and Body Works because - brace yourself - they have fall candles out already! I'm not ashamed to say I've bought two and already tested out both. Leaves and Cider Lane are two scents I'll have on repeat until mid-November when I switch gears to Christmas.

We went grocery shopping at Target the next day and discovered that everything fall-related is already on the shelves. I even purchased pumpkin-scented air fresheners for the walls. I'm so sick of summer that I'm just making fall happen. Luckily, lots of companies have agreed with me on this. We ended the day watching Friends, and making tacos and cookies.

On Sunday, I slept in with Bodie while Paul went golfing with his dad and brother. I went to get coffee with a classmate and complete an assignment, which actually just led to coffee and a couple of hours of conversation! Afterwards, I came home and got ready for the week. That's basically all I need on a Sunday, and I'm starting to get into a routine after a couple of weeks of living here and finally starting classes.

All in all, it was a very relaxed weekend and I loved every second of it! I know that evenings in aren't always the most exciting for everyone, but I love every moment of it. Now excuse me while I try to make it through this uninvited Monday and try to make fall happen.

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