Missing My Mom and Sister

4:20 PM

My mom and sister returned home after visiting me for a week, and I already miss them tons. They came to see me, Paul, and our new apartment in Wilmington. We are still getting settled, but they helped us a lot by picking out a couple pieces of furniture and forcing us to get the place set up before they got here. While they were here, we did some shopping and tried a couple local restaurants. We went to the beach for a couple hours. We explored the university I'll be attending in just a couple weeks. We walked around downtown and ate decadent ice cream at Kilwin's. We sat on the couch and laughed and looked at every LuLaRoe sale we could find. I had a wonderful time with them, and I really wish we lived closer so we could see each other regularly instead of once every few months. Until then, we'll keep having great visits and enjoy every moment!  Thanks for coming to see me, ladies!  Love you guys lots!

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