Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream 2016

6:00 PM

Paul and I went to Busch Gardens on Saturday, and I have a feeling we'll be back.  We had so much fun walking around the gorgeous theme park, screaming on the roller coasters, and laughing at me each time someone jumped out and startled me.  I had to decide whether or not I wanted to bring my camera and I opted not to since we couldn't have it on any of the rides.  Instead, I ended up with a few iPhone pictures and my phone would not cooperate with me!

 Loch Ness

The Griffon


T H E  R I D E S :
We rode Apollo's Chariot, Alpengeist, Tempesto, DarKastle, Griffon, and Verbolten.  I would have to say that Griffon was the most intense since it hangs out at the top of a 90-degree drop before you plunge 200 feet at 75 mph.  Tempesto was the craziest.  Watch the point-of-view video of it to see why!  I was shaking after this one.  Verbolten is easily my favorite roller coaster there because it's so entertaining and surprising!  Paul loved Alpengeist the most, and it's a pretty classic roller coaster.
Starfright Orchestra

Monster Stomp

T H E  S H O W S :
We watched Fiends, Monster Stomp, and Starfright Orchestra.  Everyone who performed in these shows was incredibly talented, but we only enjoyed the Starfright Orchestra.  Fiends was overly sexual and the jokes were forced.  Monster Stomp could have been so cool as it started with a serial killer storyline and the performers were using every piece of the stage to make music (like knives and a coffin!), but it somehow became a twisted love story with '80s classic rock.  Starfright Orchestra was amazing!  The 12-person swing band was incredibly talented, and the singers were beyond entertaining and talented.  I would absolutely recommend this show to everyone, but I would have skipped the other two to go to a haunted house instead.

T H E  A T M O S P H E R E :
The park was gorgeously decorated for fall, with just the right amount of spooky for the daytime.  It was totally family friendly.  At 6:00pm, the scares started and the terror-tories came alive.  Busch Gardens is divided into different areas that represent European countries, and at night they take on themes of their own.  My favorite was easily Demon Street because there was a DJ on top of a "flaming" skull.  Ripper Row was amazing.  It was covered in blue light, and people were dressed in English attire to fit with the Jack the Ripper theme.  My favorite was the creepy "headless" ladies dressed in all black.  I think Wendigo Woods needed more to it to be scary, and the vampire section could be completely changed.  Vampires are classic, but just not scary anymore.  There was a new terror-tory this year, Sideshow Square, that features clowns and dolls.  Not cool, am I right?  We walked through because I was feeling uncharacteristically brave, and it wasn't unnerving enough.  I'm sure they'll up the intensity as it gets closer to Halloween, though!

T H E  F O O D : 
Eating at a theme park is extremely expensive, so I would suggest eating a bigger meal before you get to the park and after you leave.  We ate at Trapper's Smokehouse.  Paul had a salad with turkey breast and I had mozzarella sticks with fruit.  It was expensive, but it was good.  You can bring a water bottle to the park if you'd like, but you have to have someone hold them while you're on the rides or you have to rent a locker.  Instead of bringing a water bottle or buying a $4 bottle of water each time you're thirsty, take advantage of their free water cups!

Go to Busch Gardens if you can, and definitely try to go during Howl-O-Scream!  It made Paul and I want to go to Carowinds and Disney during Halloween, too.  If you've been to the theme park before, tell me what you love about it!

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