October 2016 Goals + September 2016 Recap

11:00 AM

I've been having a continuous Halloween party since 12:00am on October 1st. Because this is the best month of the year, and if you disagree you're probably wrong. Although I do love December, so we can let that one slide. So you're here to see if I accomplished any September goals, I see... JK, I know no one reads these posts. I don't even read these posts.

  1. Spending freeze for the first week.  This wasn't entirely successful, but I did cut way down on my spending and I haven't spent any money on non-essentials since September 19. That means no coffee trips in the morning, no lunch out, and no clothing. Pretty good for me!
  2. Take charge of my sleeping schedule. Ugh, I'm working on it! Turns out I have RLS, which explains pretty much everything about my sleeping habits and schedule, but my PA and I are working on it so I'm counting this as a yes!
  3. Figure out a school routine. Yeah, didn't happen. My routine is basically, do stuff at the last moment and hope for the best.
  4. Just blog. Ya girl blogged a little bit! Not a lot, but we're getting there and I'm a lot more inspired since switching back to Blogger. Sorry, WordPress, I just wasn't feeling it (and I'm poor).
  5. Take time for daily self-care. I received a Clarisonic Mia 2 from InfluenceHer Collective, and I cannot even express how relaxed this makes me feel each day. In just a minute. I can't wait to share more with you!
  6. Try two local restaurants and one local event. Kind of did this one! We went to Fermental, which is a bar but I'm counting it, and K-38, a delicious Mexican restaurant.  We didn't go to any local events, but there are some coming up!
  7. Go to Busch Gardens. Yes, we did, and we loved it!
Now for October!
  1. Continue my spending freeze on non-essential items. That means only paying bills and anything I need.
  2. Get an A on my first paper, and plan my next two papers.
  3. Blog at least twice a week!
  4. Figure out a daily schedule that works for my sleep and eating habits. This may be difficult since my work schedule varies so much, but I'm going to try my best!
  5. Style every piece of LLR for my blog and Instagram. I won an amazing giveaway hosted by LLR, and I'll be receiving one of each style they make! How amazing is that?!
  6. Visit two more local restaurants.
  7. Celebrate Halloween somehow. I'm not sure what we'll do this year, but hopefully, we'll do something.

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