Styling LuLaRoe Clothing

7:00 AM

Back in my goals post that no one read (because I don't even read it, my fingers just go for it and I hope for the best), I mentioned that I won a giveaway from LuLaRoe and the prize was one of each item they sell.  I was super excited to see that some of the items came in packs of two, so I actually got two pairs of leggings in my size, as well as their athletic leggings.  I've been so excited about my new wardrobe that I've been attempting to make cute outfits and post the pictures on Instagram.  I'm still working on my angle and my editing skills, so work with me here.  If you have any tips for taking fashion pictures, I would so appreciate it!

Sarah cardigan from LLR giveaway

Irma top and Jordan leggings from LLR giveaway

Classic tee and Bianka kimono from LLR giveaway

What's your favorite style so far? I can't wait to keep putting together outfits and sharing them with y'all!  How would you style these pieces?

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