11 Month Pupdate

7:00 AM

Bodie turned 11 months this weekend, and he's been quite the handful in the past few months that we've had him.  I have never met a more ridiculous, sweet pup in my life.  I've also never met a stranger dog.  Instead of telling you about his weight or tricks he's learned like I have in past pupdates, I thought I would tell you some strange or funny things about him.

Sometimes he pokes his head in the shower and snaps at the water.  This is hilarious and adorable until he tries to get into the shower like I won't notice.  Twice last week he's tried to jump in.  The first time I didn't realize what was going on until he was already pretty soaked.  I turned off the water and he proceeded to jump in the tub and run laps in it.  He then leaped out and ran around the room and straight under my bed.  He slept like a rock after that.

When he can't have what he wants or he loses something under the couch, he throws a freaking fit.  Seriously, full-blown temper tantrums complete with foot-stomping and whining.  He learned it from me, so I can't even be mad.

He has quite the hit list, ranging from stuffed toys to pens to a Fitbit to who knows what else.  His most recent victim?  A cord.

No really, he tried to chew through my electric blanket's cord.  Paul and I thought he was sleeping beside the bed when he startled awake.  He jumped straight to his feet, sulked up onto our bed, and laid between us.  I got up to check the cord because a mom always knows, and sure enough it was wet and covered with teeth marks.  He was fine, just a little... shocked...

His favorite way to sleep is spread eagle on his back.  Or with his body across our bed with his head on my bladder.  And sometimes he crawls up next to me so he can be the little spoon.

There have been a couple times where he's brought a pine cone or stick upstairs and I've been too tired to fight it, so I just tell him to take it out back and let him on the patio.  He now picks something up and pulls as hard as he can to the apartment just to sit on the patio and chew it.  Sometimes he also brings in mouthfuls and spits it on the carpet for me.

He gets scared pretty easily, which I could see as an evolutionary advantage, but his reactions suck.  He either reacts a few seconds later than he should or runs while looking at whatever spooked him, meaning he doesn't always watch where he's going.  Descended from wolves, my ass.

We tried to teach him how to drop things by giving him a treat when he dropped it for us.  We only had to do this with socks a few times before he picked up on the command.  Now he tries to get us to give him treats by picking up random things and walking over to me.  If he even thinks I'm going to give him a treat, he spits it out immediately.

He's apparently picked up barking.  But pretty much only at me.  Or cats when he's across the street from them... and upstairs in the apartment.

He loves peanut butter, which is pretty normal for a dog.  What isn't exactly normal is that he licks his front paws and sometimes his bed while he's eating it.  I seriously can't even guess why because it's just freaking weird.

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