The Christmas of the Onesies & The Best Holiday Season

7:00 AM

The 2016 holiday season has been one of my favorites. As much as I enjoyed walking on the Florida beach last year, there's something so special about coming home that can't be replaced even if it is 20 degrees. Paul and I drove 15 hours each way with Bodie so we could be with my family, with Paul driving most of the way. We were stressed and Bodie was a jerk at times, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

My family actually waited to do most of our holiday traditions, like making "gingerbread" houses, looking at lights, and decorating sugar cookies. Of course, our Christmas Eve and Christmas traditions were waiting for us anyways. I love our traditions, especially because keep them current and include everyone. For example, this year my sisters and I received onesies and now I'm never taking mine off. My boyfriend and two of my sisters' boyfriends were with us this year, so my mom made sure they had their own stockings, presents and Christmas Eve pajamas. 

The nostalgia of sneaking to sit by the lit Christmas tree after the presents were set out was incredibly warm and cozy. I felt so comfortable and inspired by the glow. Even though I put out the presents and saw the tree already, I was still so excited to wake up and "discover" the presents. Watching everyone unwrap their presents is my favorite part of the morning, you can't always capture that type of thankfulness, excitement, or amusement. What makes it extra fun is seeing how unique everyone's interests are. Between my dad's funny t-shirts to my sister's Harry Potter obsession to Paul's Panthers gear, there were so many creative and thoughtful gifts. The rest of the day was filled with board games, naps, and food.

I will never stop missing home and I will always love our traditions, but decorating Paul's and my first apartment together was super exciting. I don't even want to take our decor down. Mostly because it feels so cozy, but also because I actually just don't want to figure out where to put it. I'm already looking forward to future Christmases because we can share traditions that we love and make our own.

Between our Christmas celebration with Paul's family, our stocking exchange at our apartment, and our Christmas at home, this has absolutely been one of my favorites. No pressure, 2017.

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