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I still get excited about the beginning of a new year, even though I know I can make changes at any time and I know that any day can be a fresh start.  I also know that everything from previous years isn't just erased from being now that our calendar looks a little different.  Still, it's kind of exciting and inspiring to sit down and plan out your resolutions and goals even though we all know we may fall off the wagon in like three weeks.  Here's what I have in mind for 2017:

Read more books.  Each year, PopSugar posts a reading challenge.  Last year I did pretty well, but when I moved, I didn't have access to a public library and just totally dropped the ball.  I want to get my library card so I can try their reading challenge again this year.

Eat vegetarian.  I've eliminated meat from my diet, but I'm still eating dairy and eggs.  I did this about a week ago and so far, I've actually felt healthier.  It's been a little harder than I expected, just because I have to put a little more thought into what I eat or order at restaurants.

Practice yoga and mindfulness.  What I love about yoga is that it's very calming and centering, and you can put as much effort and time as you need to it because it's so flexible.  Mindfulness is the same way and it's a great way to take care of your mental health.

Stick to a budget.  It should be a lot easier than it has been because I don't have a large income right now, but unfortunately I have been way too comfortable with my credit card over the past year.  Time to reduce that spending and make some payments.

Put more effort into my hobbies.  Project Life, The Happy Planner, blogging, and handlettering are all hobbies that I've fallen in love with over the past couple years, and I think it's time I give them more time and attention.  I think my camera deserves some love and attention, too.

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