I'm a Vegetarian: Week 1 Update

7:00 AM

I won't do weekly updates because I don't want everyone to hate me, but I wanted a space where I could share my journey with others in case they are looking for information or have any recommendations for me.  I decided to do a little Q&A session with myself because it seemed like an easy format to cover everything I want to share.  So yes, I am interviewing myself, but you can pretend you're asking the questions if that makes it any less weird?  Nope, still weird...

Why did you decide to become a vegetarian?
Paul and I passed a truck full of piglets when we were driving home for Christmas and that was it for me.  I've known how horrible the meat industry is for a while, so it was just a matter of time before I gave up meat.  I didn't start until I got home, though, because it was going to be difficult in a house with 8 other people who love meat.  I just limited my intake instead.

What kind of foods are you eating to get protein?
Since I'm a vegetarian, I still eat eggs.  I am looking for a better company that treats their animals better, though.  I've been eating lots of MorningStar products, too.  I love their veggie burgers and "chicken" patties.  I'll be visiting Wal-Mart and Trader Joe's to get some vegetarian products soon so I'll have a little more variety.

Do you miss meat?
A little bit.  I mostly miss how easy it was to cook because I didn't really have to think about it.  I didn't realize how much meat I ate in a day until I gave it up.  On an average day, I would eat bacon with breakfast, deli meat or tuna fish with lunch, pepperoni as a snack, and then meat with dinner.  The flavors are something I miss, too, but I'm sure I won't after a while.

How do you order at restaurants?
This has been a little tricky since my go-to at restaurants were always burgers and fries.  Such an easy way to order!  Now I have to actually look at the menu to see if I can find vegetarian options.  For every 10 meat entrees, there's maybe 1 vegetarian option.  I've also ordered meals without the meat portion or meals with a meat substitute if one is available.  So far I've eaten vegetarian at McDonald's (no meat), Taco Bell (meat sub), a local Thai restaurant (meat sub), and IHOP (no meat).

Is your partner a vegetarian as well?
He is not.  I thought it would make it difficult, but he likes my meatless options so sometimes we just eat that and sometimes we also make meat for him.  I don't mind that he eats it, so it hasn't been an issue at all.

Something that I'd like to add is that I'm a relatively picky person who doesn't love a lot of vegetables.  I'm slowly warming up to veggies that I didn't eat before and trying to figure out how I can stay healthy.  It takes a little more thought than eating meat did, but it's honestly not bad at all.  If you're a vegetarian and you have any recipes, advice, or even vitamin recommendations, I would absolutely appreciate any support and inspiration!

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