The Year of the Rooster: An Unlucky Year for Me

11:00 AM

I've seen a couple posts about the Chinese New Year, one from The Other Juliette and the other from Not Entirely Perfect, so I felt compelled to write one myself. I went to preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and part of second grade in Hawai'i, and I have some memories of celebrating Chinese New Year in school each year and always trying new Asian snacks.  I think it would be amazing to actually be able to celebrate an authentic Chinese New Year, but I, unfortunately, do not see that happening anytime soon.

actual photo of me... jk, it's from unsplash

Horoscopes and personality tests have always fascinated me.  It helps me understand and describe myself by either agreeing or disagreeing with what they say.  I believe that everything is connected in some spiritual way and that some people understand the connections more than others.  I know a lot of people believe that personality types or horoscopes are just general and vague, which might be true, but it's not going to hurt to read them and reflect on what they say.  And this year, my Chinese Zodiac sign brings bad news.

Being in a year of your sign is bad luck.  I was born in August 1993, so I'm a rooster.  My lucky colors are brown, yellow, and gold.  My lucky numbers are 5, 7, and 8.  That could explain why I love gold jewelry and gold accents and why I love multiples of 5.  This website says that roosters tend to be amusing, outspoken, talkative, vain, resourceful, boastful, and observant.  I agree with pretty much all of this, so don't judge me for being vain and boastful.  It also says that they are hardworking, courageous, talented, confident, extroverted, social, and healthy.  It's not that I totally disagree with these... it's just that I don't agree with them as strongly as the others.  It also says that we're kind of moody and sensitive.  Yep.

My horoscope for the year says that I need to work hard for wealth because it is an unlucky year for wealth.  The lucky stars Jiangxing and Jinkui will help me succeed at work by being a leader and being creative.  My horoscope also suggests that I speak less and do more at work, which is probably good advice in general.  It says that I need to pay attention to my health and that of my family.  When it comes to love, it says that this would be a great year for marriage and if my relationship does not advance, I should end it.  I'm not getting married and I have no plans to break up with Paul, so this one is pretty wrong for me.

What's your Chinese zodiac sign? What does it say about 2017 for you?

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