Ways I Practice Daily Self-Care

11:00 AM

When I talk about self-care, I'm talking about the things that people do to maintain and improve our mental, emotional, and physical health. Self-care is different things for different people, but it should be important to everyone because you can't take care of everything that you need to do unless you're at your best. I practice self-care as much as I can each day, which definitely varies each day. Some days I'm awake early planning my day and cleaning the entire apartment before 9:00am and some days I can barely drink a bottle of water. Even though everything I do for self-care is positive and productive, there are some days that I still just can't do it.  Ideally, I would do all of these things every day, but I at least do a couple of them each day.

Meditation or mindfulness. These aren't the same practices, but I tend to do one or the other each day. Mindfulness is a type of meditation in which you pay attention to the present moment without judgment in order to refocus and improve attention. There are tons of types of meditation. One of my favorites is sleep mediation, which helps me relax before bed and fall asleep.

Writing. I write a few words or a couple sentences in my Q&A A Day Journal, which has 365 different prompts and enough spaces for 5 years so you can see what you wrote before.  I also blog on occasion, as you may have noticed, which is one of my favorite creative outlets.

Coloring or handlettering. Coloring is another form of mindfulness that I like to practice because I focus on the image and colors, but it's also another creative outlet for me. It's super relaxing! Handlettering is a hobby that I've been trying to get into for a while because it is so calming and beautiful. I really need to practice this each day to improve my handwriting!

Drink tea. How simple is that? Tea has a lot of wonderful benefits, whether it's a natural detox, a calming blend, or a better way to get energy. Yogi and Traditional Medicinals have so many good varieties for everything from lactation to sore throats to healthy skin.

Yoga and exercise. Yoga is absolutely a type of exercise on its own, but it's also super good for your mental and spiritual health. It's also a great addition to any exercise routine that you have. I really love Cassey Ho's workouts on Blogilates and I'm currently doing her Beginner's Workout Calendar.

Planning. I feel 4 times better when I have my day and tasks planned out before I get started. I keep my planner with me at work, school, and home so I can refer to it throughout the day. My planner also has a food and fitness section that helps me keep track of what I ate and what I did each day.

Cleaning and organizing. If your house is clean, you will feel A LOT more at peace than you will if your house is messy. It's a lot easier to keep it clean if you pick up and clean each day. There are some tasks you should do every day, every week, every month, or even less. Keeping track of what you clean and when will help you out.

What kind of self-care acitivities do you do? Are they daily or less frequent?

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