What a Week | Week 2 | 2017

2:00 PM

Okay, if I do NOTHING else this year, I at least want to keep up this series on my blog! I love having different ways of keeping memories because I can compare. My blog is one of my favorites because my family and friends can keep up with me, too. I started this series last week and almost forgot about it until last night, but at least I remembered!

I adulted like a pro. Y'all, I scheduled a dentist appointment and an eye appointment on the same day. Which also happened to be Friday the 13th, so I half expected to have 17 cavities and glaucoma. Luckily, I have healthy eyes and teeth. My insurance worked as expected. And I got a free pair of sunglasses that I'm now obsessed with.

My mom sent me a puppy sweater. I posted it on Twitter and Instagram and now it's going on here because I have never seen something so cute in my life. I'm never going to take it off and I'm not sorry about it.

The butterscotch latte is back at Starbucks. It is my favorite caffeinated beverage that has ever existed. Ever. Y'all, you have to go try this drink if you enjoy sweet coffee! I've had it twice this week and I would get it every day with no regrets.

Things are stirring up for Paul at work, but nothing is totally official yet.  Keep your fingers crossed that everything works out as it's supposed to because he's such a hard worker and he really deserves it.

I ordered some new glasses from EyeBuyDirect. This is absolutely my favorite place to buy new glasses because it's so inexpensive and they always have the styles that I'm looking for.

I started my second semester of graduate school. Unfortunately, I only had classes online this week, but I'll have in-person classes this week. I'm taking a research class and an ethics class this semester.

It was a pretty good week for us and we're ready to see how this week is! I hope last week was good to y'all, as well.

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