What a Week | Week 3 | 2017

11:00 AM

This week seemed particularly long. Maybe it was because I worked quite a bit and had class because it seriously felt like there was an extra weekday. I have to say that the best part of my week was yesterday when I got a surprise LuLaRoe outfit from my mom. She sent me the leggings and classic tee, which are such beautiful colors. I'm not sure that the pink cardigan matched, but I just got it in the mail as well and wanted to wear it. Don't judge me.

First in-person classes of the semester. Both of my classes are hybrid, so we meet in-person every other week and have online assignments in-between. I'm taking a research class and an ethics/policies class. I'm not particularly excited about either, but they're necessary and will be super helpful.

Oh My Veggies. I haven't eaten meat in almost a month, but I've also pretty much stuck to just eating a lot of MorningStar Farms products. They're good, but after a while, you just get bored eating the same thing. Oh My Veggies has weekly meal plans featuring meatless dinners for Monday through Friday, which I'm using to discover new vegetarian recipes. I'm trying my first weekly meal plan this week, so I'll update you on how it was!

Sweet potato and black bean tacos. This was a really easy and tasty meal. First, I cut up some sweet potato and pan-fried it with a little olive oil while I cooked the black beans. I also cooked some Mexican rice while they were cooking. I drained the sweet potatoes, drained the black beans, and mixed the two together. I seasoned them with cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, and seasoned salt. Layer the rice, sweet potatoes and black beans, cheese, and any other toppings into your taco shells.  I tried them with soft tacos and hard tacos and they were delicious with both, but I preferred the hard tacos.

Last Podcast on the Left. It's not a podcast I would necessarily recommend because it has a LOT of potential to offend people. If you're into sarcasm, profanity, true crime, or conspiracy theories, you might enjoy it. They have over 200 episodes and I've been listening as much as I can. Their most recent is about Jack the Ripper. If you're into true crime, but want something a little more tasteful, check out Unsolved Mysteries.

At-home yoga. I actually just did this routine yesterday and totally loved it. I also used Insight Timer to play deep ohm ambient noise and cue me to rest or switch to my next pose. It was "easy" enough that I could do it, even though I'm a beginner. Give it a try! It didn't even feel like 20 minutes.


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