What a Week | Week 4 | January 2017

8:00 AM

I tried three new vegetarian recipes.  I slightly modified each recipe, but they all ended up so great!  I think I'll be making the Thai sweet potato soup at least once a month because not only was it delicious, but it was also super easy because it's a crockpot recipe!  If you eat meat, add chicken or shrimp for extra protein.  The huevos rancheros enchiladas, which were basically just breakfast burritos, were pretty delicious.  I also made a carbonara pasta that was pretty easy and so tasty.  The original recipe called for butternut squash, which I'd never had before, so I was excited to try it.  I literally spit it on the floor because it tasted like baby food and caught me so off guard.

We went for dinner and drinks with our friends.  Paul and I are usually pretty lazy after a long week of work, but we were actually social this week!  We went to a super delicious Mexican restaurant for margs and queso and then went to a nearby bar.  Y'all, they had the best Long Island Iced Teas I've had in a long time and the vibe was awesome.  We'll definitely be going back!

I finally got a library card!  It took me a few months of living here, but I finally got a local library card.  I checked out The Couple Next Door and Behind Closed Doors.  I read all of The Couple Next Door yesterday and thought it was so good.  There were unexpected twists and it got right into the action, which I absolutely appreciate.

We earned a free Papa John's pizza.  All you have to do is use Visa Checkout when you order pizza and you'll get a free pizza reward for the next time you order!  Just thought I would share for everyone who enjoys free things and/or pizza as much as I do.

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