3 years

7:00 AM

Yep, Paul and I have been dating for three years.  I could go into the whole cheesy, cliche speech about how there have been highs and lows or how the tears and arguments have been overshadowed by the kisses and love, but this sentence has been enough.  We aren't really that kind of couple, although we can be plenty cheesy.  I think the past year has been one of the biggest for us because it felt like the beginning of the next part of our lives together.  I probably say that about every milestone that we hit, but this was the year that we moved in together.  This was the year that we got to see every bit of each other's personalities and habits, from how we act when we're sick to who we are when we have a bad day at work to how much Paul loves French toast.  This was the year that we dealt with paying bills with each other, lecturing each other on taking care of ourselves, and tried our best to never be late to work when Bodie demands more cuddles.  This was the year that was a true preview of the rest of our lives together and I hope I'm speaking for both of us when I say that we're ready for it and taking in each moment.  Happy three years, handsome!  I can't wait to see what the next three have in store for us.

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